Our Monkey, Putt-Putt, Beach Day (by Zach)

Last Friday was my last day of school so we went on a beach field trip. It was Diana, Noah, Caleb, Jake, Mom, and me. None of us had been to the place or knew where it was so we had to take some time to find it. After we parked we got out and a man driving a golf cart picked us up to take us to the beach! He dropped us off at the front desk area and we figured out not to go on weekends. It was $40 on weekends and only $15 on weekdays. After we paid, we went to the beach area. It was a little rocky, but it was nice. Noah, Caleb, and I went straight in the water and looked for shells (there weren’t many). Some Haitian workers set up a table for us and gave us lunch menus so we could order whenever we wanted. Mom and Diana sat out in the sun while we were snorkeling. After a while we came back in and told Mom and Diana what we had seen which was a live conch in its shell, an eel, a blue and yellow fish, and a sea anemone. At about 11 we decided to order. I got a cheeseburger(which was delicious), but we had to wait 2 hours for our food! I figured out why they gave us menus early. We ate, then decided to go see the monkeys. Their names were Domingo and Benji. Benji was a little baby monkey that played alot and Domingo paced around the cage and look like he would hurt you if you let him out. After that Jake found a big chessboard. The pieces were about 1-2 feet tall. Jake and I played a game(he won). Then we went off to play Putt-Putt. The course was awesome, it had ramps that you had to hit the ball off of and land it on the green. I’m suprised that every one was still alive by the end. Afterwards we went to the pool. Then we did various things-chess, putt-putt, ping-pong, hide and go seek tag at the playground-it averaged out to be an amazing day. We were picked up by the golf cart and went back to mission of hope.


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Helping the Emergency Services at Mission of Hope Haiti
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One Response to Our Monkey, Putt-Putt, Beach Day (by Zach)

  1. Diana Wiebe says:

    great blog! and great memories!

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