Trigger (by Zach)

Trigger-who is Trigger-what is Trigger-when is Trigger-where is Trigger-why is Trigger.Trigger is a dog who currently is staying with us. Now you are thinking where did Trigger come from? Well, Trigger came from a north-american family named the VanDerMarks. Now you think why is Trigger with us? The VanDerMarks moved away for good ,but they have lived here for 3,count-them, 3, YEARS. The thing is Trigger cant get back because of the same reason Paige can’t come here, because of the weather. So we took Trigger in and we will get him back to his family in November, but in the mean time we have an awesome dog to have fun with.

Trigger isnt just any ordinary awesome dog he is trained in everything-playing fetch, sitting patiently for his food, jumping over chairs, put a treat on his nose and make him wait until you say ok, opening and closing the door, he can bring you almost anything. Today he caught a fly (out of midair) in his mouth and then ate it. I know most of the blogs are long but I hope you have a short fun time reading this.


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4 Responses to Trigger (by Zach)

  1. Tom Phillips says:

    Zach – You crack me up! You never were why would we expect you to post a long blog.

    Love you!

    Grandpa Tom

  2. Diana says:

    i really wish paige was in haiti with your family, but i guess trigger’s the next best thing. hope you have a great summer with him!

  3. jane traina says:

    He is so cute! Wish my dogs were that smart 🙂

  4. vdmcrew says:

    He is awesome … we miss him.

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